Micro brewed beer on the Western Slopes
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Great beer in small batches

2014 Great International Beer & Cider Competition Results:

Stone Corral Black Beer- Gold Medalist
Stone Corral Latigo - Silver Medalist

Stone Corral is a family operated artisanal brewery that originated on our horse ranch in Huntington, VT We quickly outgrew our farm style brew shed, so we moved the brewery to Richmond, which has repeatedly won the award for best water in the state!  We love making fresh, uniquely delicious, well balanced brews featuring local, seasonal flavors and borrowing from the German, Belgian and British brewing traditions.

Our tasting room is open at our new location at 83 Huntington Rd in Richmond.
Taproom Hours:
Pints, flights and light fare available. Thurs - Saturday 12-10ish PM
Sunday, Tues, Wed 12-8 PM
Check the music calendar on our website and Facebook
page to see who is playing.
Closed Monday

Please feel free to bring food to enjoy with your brews. We provide a limited amount of snacking options but you are welcome to pickup a pizza from our local pizzeria Papa McKee's our one of our fine dining establishments in town, and the Richmond Market offers a nice variety of ready to eat items. 

Click here for current tasting room hours

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Stone Corral Kölsch

Stone Corral Kölsch 
is available in 32oz cans. We use an aseptic canning process for these large cans, which means they are filled under the same conditions as our bottles or the other 12 & 16 oz cans you find on store shelves. This is different than crowler cans filled by the tap at growler bars which are intended to be consumed in a few days or sometimes longer if they have used CO2. The shelf life for our 32oz Kolsch is no different than our bottled beers and will last for months under proper conditions.
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